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Get lean • Build muscle • Get stronger • Balance your lifestyle • Get Body By Branch •Get lean • Build muscle • Get stronger • Balance your lifestyle • Get Body By Branch • Get lean • Build muscle • Get stronger • Balance your lifestyle • Get Body By Branch •Get lean • Build muscle • Get stronger • Balance your lifestyle • Get Body By Branch •


I believe in working hard

but smart

I want my clients to develop good training habits that will be sustainable and allow them to have a great balance in life.


I will be at hand throughout and offer you guidance and support

I will offer you fully bespoke workout plans and top notch Nutrition to ensure that all you need to do is turn up and rip in on a daily basis and the results will take care of themselves.

"Do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for"


Stay on track

Access easily your nutrition and workout plan, track your progress and reach out to me anytime!

Branchies Meal plans


Tailormade meal plans designed to suit you and your goals. They will taste delicious, be easy to prepare and simply get you great results.

Progress tracker

I will monitor your progress throughout and ensure that things are adapted to optimal standards to get achieve your goals.

Branchies Bespoke Workout plans

Each plan is fully bespoke to suit your current level, lifestyle and goals. I will change and adapt things to suit throughout to ensure progress is being made at the optimal rate.

Branchies support

You will have 24/7 access to me via the app where I will be at hand to answer any questions you have whilst offering tips and motivation where I can to keep challenging you to better yourself.


I will guide you on your journey towards balanced lifestyle.

Many of my clients have reach incredible and long term results. I help my clients create and sustain healthy habits. 

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, build muscle or maintain overall health and wellbeing; I'm here to help.


Mike Mayhew

"​​I am a qualified personal trainer and CIMSPA accredited, but I am not your generic trainer"

​Having been a professional sportsman for over 10 years, I’ve had the luxury of accessing and learning from world class athletes, trainers and nutritionists.

I’ve had an interest in training since I was a young buck and this developed into general health and wellbeing as I matured. My dad – former doctor for the All Blacks rugby team – inspired me to start training and I’ve never stopped since. ​

The passion for training runs through my family; with my two brothers – also professional rugby players – plying their trade on either side of the hemisphere. As you can imagine, the competition between 3 brothers was intense and increased our performance along with creating an enjoyable environment to learn. Unfortunately, my eldest brother Richard, never managed to improve his twigs – but there’s still time!

My own personal experience with training has provided me with the knowledge to understand what works well, and what to avoid. 

I will work with you step by step to improve your training capacity and develop bespoke workouts, which will get you the results you desire.​​

Imogen training


"I’m a qualified PT and my aim is to help women build confidence, muscle and a positive mindset!"

I’ve been going to the gym for years and years, dabbling in running, partaking in all the classes from Spin to Zumba and also trying my hand at the intimidating, male saturated weight section. I never had a plan, or a goal, or much focus, so nothing ever really stuck and I’d dip in and out of exercise which was super frustrating as I never really made any progress.

Fast forward to now… I have a totally different mindset. I know what works, I know what doesn’t. I have goals, I have motivation, I have discipline and most importantly I now have the knowledge and the enthusiasm to really make a difference with training and reach set goals.

Being Branchie’s partner means that I’ve had over 3 years of structured and consistent training with the absolute best. It’s been totally invaluable and through the blood, sweat and tears I’ve learnt an incredible amount. And now I want to help you too!

Imogen with Mike

Be stronger than your excuses.